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Workshop Open: Yes
Maximum Available Seats: 100
Seats Available: 92
D75 Parents Only?: Yes
Travel Reimbursement: No
Workshop Cancelled?: No
D75-P19-4088: Stress and Remote Learning
Manhattan 2020/2021

Description: Many parents and caregivers are balancing work and remote learning with their children from home.   While staying home helps slow the spread of COVID-19, it may also be stressful for both the child and caregiver.   How you respond to stress during the COVID-19 pandemic can depend on many factors.   Learning from home can bring with it many distractions, altering your daily routine and testing your patience.   We can provide some strategies and tips to help you reduce your stress and anxiety and create a space that promotes a positive remote learning experience.

jaclyn ortega

Workshop Date & Location:
10:00am to 12:00pm