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D75-21-162: Nuts and Bolts - Instructional Access Resources
Inclusive Education 2021/2022

Description: This asynchronous professional learning opportunity is targeted towards educators supporting students in inclusive programs in a District 1-32 school, supported by District 75 services. Educators will have a better understanding of tools and resources to look to when exploring ways to provide instructional access to students, particularly those with IEPs. The specific tools/resources that will be reviewed include Discrepancy Analysis, New York State Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) Guidance Document (Appendix C), New York State Testing Accommodations (Appendix C), Pre-Referral Intervention Manual (PRIM) and the Nine Types of Adaptations document. This course is relevant during and after the time period of blended and remote learning; educators may need to generalize information to make specific connections to this time period. It should take approximately 90 minutes to complete. Note: No CTLE provided for this session

ERICA WIENER & Ruchika Chopra

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