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Maximum Available Seats: 20
Seats Available: 19
Course Cancelled?: No
D75-21-192: CANCELLED - TCI - Post Crisis Response - Cohort 2
PBIS 2021/2022

Description: Pre-requisite(s): Proof of having completed the core TCIS course. Therapeutic Crisis Intervention - Post Crisis Response (TCI-PCR) is a 2-day training, 3 hrs each day, for Supervisors, Counselors, School-based Coaches or Lead Teachers. Supervisors need tools and resources for working with staff to help them prevent and de-escalate crises and ensure that the outcome of a crisis is a positive one for the student, the staff member, and the organization. This update addresses the emotional needs staff may have when managing aggressive students and how front line staff can be supported by the supervisor. Crisis events are difficult for staff members, students, and the entire program. They disrupt the normal day-to-day functioning of the program. Effort has to be expended to get things back on track. The goal of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention is to restore the child, the staff, and the program to a state of functioning at a higher level than it was before the crisis began. The post-crisis multilevel response model helps everyone involved learn from the crisis. It is also essential for maintaining the TCI system within the organization. Supervisors will learn how to conduct debriefing sessions with staff and teams.

Natasha Davidson & Glazen Celerio

Course Date & Location:
03/21/2022, 03/24/2022
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Microsoft Team Digital Platform - Virtual Meeting Link to Follow