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Course Open: No
Maximum Available Seats: 30
Seats Available: 21
Course Cancelled?: No
D75-23-177: Building Community Through Devised Theater
Applied Learning, Arts, Literacy 2023/2024

Description: Devised theatre is a method of theatre-making where the script, staging and score is created from the collaborative and improvised work of an ensemble of artists. Devising is a creative and engaging tool to use in classrooms to build community within students, spark collaboration and compromise, and ensure all student ideas are given a spotlight on stage. Elevate student voice and choice, creating plays written with students. Join EPIC Players Inclusion Company as they introduce the foundations of Devising and clear pathways to create a Devised theater collaboration in your classrooms. The workshop will be taught by EPIC’s Associate Artistic Director and Director of Devising Meggan Dodd, who co-wrote the Devising curriculum available to DOE teachers.

Amanda Mcfee

Course Date & Location:
8:10 to 3 pm
373K Auditorium - 185 Ellery Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206