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D75-19-174: Access to Instruction - Roles of School-Based OTs and PTs as they align with Assistive Technology (Day 2)
AT/UDL 2019/2020

Description: PTs and OTs play an important role in helping students access instructional materials in the classroom. One of the most challenging tasks in supporting students with motor delays is establishing a consistent form of physical access to educational tools, such as technology equipment. In this PD, facilitating access to assistive technologies that support reading and writing as well as other educational tasks will be explored. Solutions that employ positioning techniques and various access technologies will be discussed. In addtion, the influence that Cortical Visual Impairment impose on physical access will also be discussed, and the strategies that can be used to help student's with this condition physically interact with instructional materials.

David Carroca

Course Date & Location:
8:10 am to 3:00 pm
District 75, 400 First Ave nue, 1st Floor, New York NY 10010