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D75-22-4421: SEL through a Drawing-A-Day
Applied Learning, Literacy 2022/2023

Description: *THIS IS A PD SERIES FOR CLASSROOM TEACHERS* Are you looking for a way to introduce or teach SEL concepts to your students?

Join us for this yearlong program where we provide a day-to-day framework for teaching SEL skills over time and all of the supplies your students will need! This PD is designed for classroom teachers and will provide an introduction to the program in a full-day and in-person professional development at MoMA. Following that, we will have bi-monthly, 1-hour PLC meetings over zoom to help foster a community and exchange between teachers participating in this project. Sketching enhances creativity, strengthens focus and strategic thinking, develops communication skills, and supports coordination and fine motor growth. Sketching also gives time to reflect and express one's own thoughts and ideas. Through this PD we will learn how sketching can be combined with SEL concepts to focus on identification of self, identification of emotions, and student reflection. This is a 20 week program, were daily sketching prompts will be given to students. We will also incorporate arts-based discussion strategies to increase communication and student conversations/interactions with peers. To participate we are asking teachers to engage students in the sketching activities and discussions daily, as part of your instructional practices. Sketchbooks and drawing tools will be given to students.

In person - Day 1 - 10/14/2022; Day 2 - 6/2/2023 Virtual 1 hr PLC - 11/29/2022, 1/24/2023, 3/31/2023

In person: 8:10 am - 3 pm; Virtual PLC: 9am - 10 am

Notes: 11/29, 1/24, 4/4, and 5/08 are virtual from 9 - 10:30 am

Amanda Mcfee

Course Date & Location:
10/14/2022, 11/29/2022, 01/24/2023, 04/04/2023, 05/08/2023
8:10am to 3:00pm
MoMA - 4 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019 & Virtual