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Maximum Available Seats: 28
Seats Available: 3
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D75-19-4014: Paraprofessionals As Partners: How Teachers & Paras Can Work As An Instructional Team
Early Childhood, English Language Learners 2019/2020

Description: Do you often wonder how you can work more cohesively with your paraprofessional to utilize their skills, and knowledge within the classroom to increase student growth across all learning domains? As teachers, we often work independently to design lessons, organize our classroom environment, and assess our students in addition to implementing many other responsibilities. What if some of those tasks could be shared with our teaching team to create a well-managed, highly effective classroom environment that focuses on quality instruction for every student, and at the same time foster independence in each of your students? This workshop will lay the groundwork for how to design learning opportunities inclusive of paraprofessionals in order to maximize instructional time so that the classroom runs seamlessly. Participants will be expected to complete assignments, and show ongoing classroom evidence of district professional development content during follow up school support visits.Please note that this professional learning opportunity is designed specifically for staff members working with Early Childhood ( grades PreK- 2nd only) .

Allice Danner & Jodi Ader

Course Date & Location:
8:10am to 3:00pm
D75: 400 First Ave, 3rd fl, New York NY 10010